AT25-1200 x 2500 x 120

Unloading system for doors  equipped with tilting roller conveyor and moving carriage  It is designed for small production  This system  is suitable for translating  packed doors with cardboard and stack the packed doors, one next to the other on a carriage in a vertical  position.

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NEOMEC-Lappy Edge

Lappy Edge

Lappy is an automatic brushing machine for edges of doors or panels in general, by means of brushes with flexible bristle. Operation:  self-positioning of one or both brushes automatically, according to the width and/or position of the door on the conveying system. Utilisation: Lappy is fit for works in line with other machines but can [...]

  • length: 650/850 mm
  • width: 2600 mm
  • heigth: 2100 mm
  • working height: 900 +/- 50 mm
  • min.workpiece length: 1200 mm
  • working height: 70 mm
  • working width:1300 mm
  • working speed: 3-15 mt/min.
  • max brush diameter: 300 mm
  • brush speed: 200-500 rpm
  • exhaust hood connection: 100 mm
  • installed power: 7kw
  • options and special versions on request