Technical Data

  • length: on request (max 8000 mm)
  • ground width: 1200 mm
  • max width: according to the type of picking frame
  • max height: 4900 mm
  • working width: on request
  • working length: on request
  • working height: on request (max 1850 mm)
  • max workpiece weight: 100 kg
  • cycles: max 12/min.
  • installed power: 6kw
  • options and special versions on request


Quick bridge movers for average capacity loads

Jet is an automatic bridge mover with two controlled axes  for handling products – panels, packs, sheets, etc., in particular -  in the wood, glass, packaging and other sectors, by using appropriate gripping members with which it may be equipped.

Operation: automatic collection and depositing from one or more source stations to one or more target stations, according to the required operating logics.

Utilisation: Jet  is particularly fit to be used on production lines as a loading or unloading device for panels, profiles, packs, etc. It is mainly applied for interlocking squaring, edging, spraying lines, and in general if a quick product handling is requested.


  • high utilisation flexibility with maximum reliability
  • simple and sturdy mechanism, sliding on steel guides
  • maximum noiseless operation
  • maintenance is reduced to the minimum
  • maximum attention to operator’s safety.

Pictures from catalogue:

  1. Jet with gripping unit with 2 rows of feeding suckers
  2. Jet with gripping unit with 1 row of feeding suckers
  3. Jet  with vacuum pad gripping unit
  4. Horizontal sliding trolley
  5. Vacuum pump