NEOMEC-Neospray reco

Neospray Reco

Technical Data

  • length: 4120 mm
  • width: 4200 mm
  • height: 2620 mm
  • working height: 900 +/- 50 mm
  • working width: 1300 mm
  • working height: 50 (100) mm
  • min.workpiece length: 250 mm
  • working speed: 1.5-8 mt/min.
  • oscillation speed: 40-60 stroke/min.
  • exhaust fan: 10000 mc/h
  • installed power: 10 kw
  • optionas and special versions on request

Neospray Reco

Automatic oscillating spraying machine for panels, with self-cleaning conveyor

Neospray, reco version, is an automatic spraying machine with self-cleaning conveyor, with two oscillating arms, for applying paints, hues and liquid products in general on full panels or without windows, rectangular or shaped, flat or profiled, by means of automatic spray guns.

Operation:  the machine recognises automatically part shapes and dimensions.

This function allows to optimise painting, in particular:

  • cutback paint, compared to manual painting, thanks to the overspray control.
  • the highly-resistant polyurethane conveyor belt  allows to recover the paint in excess and as a result allows to completely clean the surface of part conveyance.
  • reduced obstruction of the filtering systems and a subsequent improved respect for the environment
  • constant application quality for small and big product quantities.

Utilisation: Neomec suggests the self-cleaning conveyance on average and big production lots.

It is applied when painting wooden, glass and plastic gifts and fancy goods, panels and doors, etc.


  • low consumption of solvents for washing the conveyor belt
  • reduced cleaning operations and machine preparation
  • easy and user-friendly
  • colour changing in a very short time (guns and belt washing unit)
  • big filtering areas

 Pictures from catalogue:

  1. reading system – part entrance
  2. oscillating gun unit
  3. big suction filters (on request on extractable trucks)
  4. paint recovery system exiting the machine (patented)
  5. belt washing unit