Technical Data

  • length: 3600 mm
  • width: 4000/4800 mm
  • height: 2700 mm
  • working height: 900 +/- 50 mm
  • working width: 1000/1300 mm
  • min. workpiece length: 400 mm
  • max workpiece length: 2600 mm
  • working height: 100 mm
  • max workpiece weigth: 80 kg
  • working speed: 2 - 10 mt/min.
  • cycles: 4 - 5 min.
  • installed power: 3 kw
  • options and special versions on request.
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Automatic loader/unloader of racks for panels and sheets

Planet is a loader/unloader of racks with three controlled axes, which can be used for panels, sheets or profiles in general, especially in the wood and glass sectors, on painting lines; Planet is one of a kind because its movements have been especially studied for handling delicate parts.

Operation:  as loader, it collects the parts to be painted from the rack and places them on the painting line, whereas as unloader it collects the parts coming from the painting line and places them on the rack. These parts can be collected individually or in multiple files.

Utilisation: Planet is used on spray, roller, film painting lines; on request, it is equipped with a practical automatic rack replacement system that allows a continuous working cycle.


  • Spares the operators a difficult and awkward work : difficult because the parts are covered with wet paint, awkward due to the difficult manual storing operation on the rack.
  • Loads and unloads parts having a considerable weight and size, avoiding to use various operators; for this reason, the investment is quickly amortised.
  • Possibility of using several types of racks, including those owned by the customer.
  • simple and sturdy mechanism.
  • maintenance is reduced to the minimum
  • maximum attention to operator’s safety.
  1.  Panels arriving on the line unloading arms
  2.  Planet arms
  3.  Automatic rack replacement system.
  4.  Rack connecting hook
  5.  Rack