Rover Tc

Technical Data

  • length: 6240 (7490) mm
  • width: 4060 mm
  • height: 3200 mm
  • working height: 900 +/- 50 mm
  • working width: 1300 mm
  • working height: 50 (100) mm
  • min.workpiece length: 250 mm
  • working speed: 1.5-8 mt/min.
  • transversal oscillation speed: 30-60 stroke/min.
  • longitudinal speed: 15-30 stroke/min.
  • exhaust fan: 12000 mc/h
  • installata/installed power: 10 kw
  • options and special versions on request

Rover Tc

Spraying robot for panels, with controlled axes, with paper conveyor

Rover-Tc is an automatic spraying robot with conveyor equipped with disposable paper, with a travelling arm with controlled axes (2, or 3, or 4 axes, on request), for applying paints, glues, hues and liquid products in general on full or slotted panels, rectangular or shaped, flat or profiled, by means of automatic spray guns.

Operation:  the machine recognises automatically part shapes and dimensions. This function allows to optimise spraying, in particular:

  • cutback paint, compared to manual spraying, thanks to the overspray control.
  • reduced obstruction of the filtering systems and a subsequent improved respect for the environment
  • constant application quality for small and big product quantities.

The main characteristic of the disposable paper conveyance is its functional capacity in connection with the maximum cleanliness of the part conveyance member.

The machine, already with only 2 controlled axes, is able to spray with a cross movement, for a higher application quality; moreover, it can also work as a normal oscillating spraying machine, with continuous feeding parts.

Utilisation: Rover-Tc was conceived to be used on small and average productions, where a frequent colour and/or product change and an extremely functional capacity is required.

It is applied when spraying wooden, glass and plastic gifts and fancy goods, panels and doors, etc., especially when a higher application quality is required, and also in the presence of very thick parts.


  • moderate investment against high productivity
  • reduced cleaning operations and machine preparation
  • easy to use also for small quantities of parts
  • colour changing in a very short time
  • big filtering areas, easy to access

Pictures from catalogue:

  1. reading system – part entrance
  2. spray gun unit on movable head
  3. big suction filters, on extractable trolleys
  4. input paper/film issuing system
  5. paper trolley extraction
  6. output paper/film collection system