Sab – Sab/D

Technical Data

  • length: 800 mm (1180 mm Sab/D)
  • externa/total width: 3500 mm
  • height: 2605 mm
  • working height: 900 +/- 50 mm
  • working width: max 1300 mm
  • working height: 50 (100) mm
  • min.workpiece length: 1500 mm
  • working speed: /on request
  • gun adjustment speed: 25 mt/min
  • exhaust fan: 6000 mc/h
  • installed power: 2 kw
  • options and special versions on request

Sab – Sab/D

Automatic spraying machine for edges

Sab  – Sab/D is an automatic spraying machine for edges, with internal galvanised roller conveyer, with self-adjusting arm (arms), for applying paints, glues, hues and liquid products in general on external lengthwise edges of rectangular panels with or without windows, by means of automatic spray guns; Sab has an automatic fixed and adjustable spray gun for parts in transit aligned on one side, whereas the spray guns of Sab/D can be automatically adjusted.

Operation: the machine automatically recognises the width of the parts coming from the line; the spray guns are perfectly positioned with this function allowing to optimise painting, in particular:

-         cutback paint, compared to manual painting, thanks to the overspray control.

-         reduced obstruction of the filtering systems and a subsequent improved respect for the environment.

-         constant application quality for small and big product quantities.

Utilisation: Sab – Sab/D is particularly fit for an average and big output, since it is designed for line work; the machine is particularly fit for door machining.


  • Moderate investment against high productivity
  • Line dimensions reduced to a minimum
  • Reduced machine maintenance and preparation
  • Easy and user-friendly
  • Big filtering areas, referring to low product quantity applied to the machine

Pictures from catalogue:

  1. reading system – part entrance
  2. spray gun movement unit and collection tanks (Sab/D)
  3. adjustable spray gun supporting arms
  4. internal box with precleaner
  5. extractable end cleaner