Technical Data

  • length: on request
  • working width: on request
  • standard external width: working width+150mm
  • working height: on request
  • load capacity: on request
  • speed conveyor: on request
  • installed power: depending on load capacity-speed
  • options and special versions on request
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Conveyor with structural aluminium section

Tral is a series of conveyors built with widely used aluminium sections. The Tral conveyor series includes:

  • roller conveyor
  • belt conveyor
  • roller and belt conveyor
  • ribbon conveyor
  • special conveyors

Operation:  as general conveyors with straight, flat or inclined linear feed, or with approach to reference guides or 90^ and 180^ deviations; the Tral conveyer series make use of the best technologies in the field of transportation and transmission systems.

The choice of the type of conveyor  mainly depends on the products to be moved and on the dynamic conveying conditions.

Utilisation: Tral is generally used for conveying products at short, average or long distances, for loading, connecting and unloading operating machines in general, for sorting different types of products, etc.; this series of conveyers is generally used for low and medium loads; for high loads, refer to the Trac conveyer series.


  • Maximum structural flexibility to better meet customer’s requirements
  • High constructional quality, substantial and noticeable
  • Simple and sturdy mechanism
  • Maintenance is reduced to the minimum
  • Maximum attention to operator’s safety
  • Reduced delivery time


  1. Straight roller conveyor mod. Tral-ru…
  2. Belt conveyor mod. Tral-ci…
  3. Roller and belt conveyor -  90^ movement mod. Tral-ru-ci/90…
  4. Roller and belt conveyor –  “U” or “Z” movement mod. Tral-ru-ci/180…
  5. Ribbon conveyor mod. Tral-na…
  6. Special conveyor  (e.g. ribbon conveyor for oven)
  7. Special conveyor (e.g. conveyor for sorting very small panels)