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automatic systems for

painting, spraying, gluing

Neomec _ Sab/D Sistema di Veniciatura


Painting system

Sab/D _ Automatic spraying machine for edges

Sab/D is an automatic spraying machine for edges, with internal galvanised roller conveyor, with two or more self-adjusting spray guns for applying paints, glues, hues and liquid products in general on the external long edges of rectangular panels with or without windows.


The machine automatically recognises the width of the parts coming from the line; the spray guns are perfectly positioned with this function allowing to optimise painting, in particular:
– cutback paint, compared to manual painting, thanks to the overspray control;
– reduced obstruction of the filtering systems and a subsequent improved respect for the environment;
– constant application quality for small and big product quantities.


Sab/D is particularly fit for an average and big output, since it is designed for line work; the machine is particularly fit for door machining.

  • Moderate investment against high productivity
  • Line dimensions reduced to a minimum
  • Reduced machine maintenance and preparation
  • Easy and user-friendly
  • Big filtering areas, referring to low product quantity applied to the machine